Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting my car back!

Good morning!

I'm so excited because I finally get to pick up my car that has been in the shop since Monday for inspection!! {Yes, it *is* Friday today! In their defense, I think they were doing the best they could, and several repairs needed to be done before it would pass inspection, but it's still frustrating not having my car!}

Here was my lovely breakfast: oat bran, cottage cheese, sliced mango, PB. Simple, but excellent!

With coffee. (Please ignore the messy desk!)

And of course, I had some more Amazing Grass yesterday! (Speaking of which, don't forget to enter my giveaway!) I love drinking these while I'm fighting off a cold, because I know that I am inundating my immune system with nutrients to help it do its job!

Mixed with some OJ.

This was delicious!

I also had about 2/3 of this bar on my way to work:

I think I like the original flavor better, but this was still good!

And another leftover half of this bar. (My snacks are random!)

And one more delicious snack!
The flax is just in the picture because I had a few tsps of it in the yogurt, but you can't see it! Notice the yummy PB coating the spoon handle! I pretty much just don't eat anything with out nut butter anymore! {This is a very good thing!} :D

Well, I'm off to pick up my poor little car that's finally fixed, so I'll leave you with a few giveaways around the blog world! Enjoy!

-Plugging my Amazing Grass giveaway, one more time! ;-)

-Kid Glue is giving away Goji Gourmet cookies.

-Averie is giving away Fruition Pro Bars.

-Jen is giving away Kay's Naturals.

-Jamie is giving away Barney Butter!

-Jamie is also giving away women's running shoes!

-AnAppleADay is giving away a Soda Stream machine.


  1. I feel lost without my car when it's in the garage.
    Wow your breakfast looks very tasty and refreshing.


  2. I'm glad your car is all fixed up now!! :)

    Mmm, that breakfast looks great! Thanks for letting us know about all the giveaways!
    <3 jess


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