Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So many giveaways!

Hi everyone! This post is seriously just to catch up on giveaways that I want to enter! Haha! I'm inspired because I won a bottle of Glam Eyes Mascara from Leah's blog, so now I want to win other things, too! :) I've been teaching a lot and I don't have time to put up a full post right now. {Lame excuse, I know....} Today I'm teaching from 2-8:45pm with an hour break in there to grab lunch and read. So anyway, without further ado, I present the following fabulous giveaways:

Missy is giving away coupons for free Soy Milk!

Nutritious is Delicious is giving away MixMyGranola!

Errign is gving away cool, exotically flavored applesauce!

Naomi is giving away some Annie's lovin'!

Abby is giving away Amazing Grass bars! I want to try these, so don't actually enter!! ;-)

Lucky Taste Buds is givng away delicious soy puddings!

Jamie is giving away Justin's nut butter! (This ends tonight, but I'm glad I entered in time!)

Jamie is also giving away NuGo nutrition bars!

And one more from Jamie...need a brand new pair of super nice shoes?

Jen is giving away a book that looks fun!

More to come....

Have an AWESOME Wednesday! :)

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