Friday, October 2, 2009

Giveaway winner + more giveaways to enter

Good morning! Quickly, before I announce the winners of the giveaway I had last week, here's my breakfast.

-banana bread with PB (didn't turn out as well as I hoped because I was out of baking soda!)
-cottage cheese
-a sliced plum


I know I'm a few days late selecting a winner for my Nut Clusters giveaway, but here it is.

"I would like to try these products for the simple fact that the name Nut Clusters sounds dirty and makes me want to say "that's what she said". Is that inappropriate or is it a good enough reason? Haha"

Congratulations to Michelle, who also won my last giveaway! I promise this was randomly generated!

But it's OK because Michelle is such an awesome blogger! :) And yes, that is definitely a good enough reason! Haha!

And for the second winner of two coupons for nut clusters The Skinny Plate was selected who said:

"Would love to try these. Nuts are great snack."

Please send me your addresses and I'll put them in the mail.

You can e-mail me at violingrad19 [at] yahoo [dot] com


Here are some more giveaways happening in the blog world:

Leah from Simply Fabulous is giving away a bottle of GlamEyes mascara!

RuntotheFinish is giving away gluten free vegan Agape nutrition bars. These things look amazing!

Healing With (Raw) Juices is giving away raw chia seeds! I've wanted to try these for so long!

OK, I'm off for another run. Hoping it goes well! Have an awesome Friday and Saturday everyone! A good friend of mine is coming into town tonight, so I'm packing her up from the airport and hanging out with her! I'm so excited!! And tomorrow I have two gigs to play (a wedding and a formal event of some sort) as well as a lesson to teach, then in the evening one of my friends is having his birthday get together/hang out and I'll still be wanting to spend time with my out-of-town friend. So I might be away tomorrow but hopefully back on Sunday after the zoo race! :)


  1. Thanks for linking to my contest, Lisa!

    And... I love plums! :-D

  2. one of my best friends is a professional piano you musicians!

  3. Oh my gosh, yay!! I'm so glad my dirty mind is getting me somewhere... ;)

    And yes, we definitely need to set up a bloggie meet-up when I'm back in the burgh!!!

  4. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Can't wait to try them.

  5. Congrats to the winners!! :)
    Thanks for letting us know about the giveaways going on!
    <3 jess


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