Monday, October 5, 2009

Donut deliciousness!

Good morning! I had a great weekend and I want to catch up with a food post before going for a run and then teaching 4-8:30pm. I am getting even busier with new students starting; I'm up to over 25 students right now, although I generally (have time to) see 20 per week. It's insane though, and I'm honestly trying to stay calm and keep myself positive. It's hard though, when one student misses a lesson and you realize that you have zero after school hours in which to schedule a make up lesson (especially since they're usually on a tight schedule too!)

Anyway, I had this for breakfast:

-banana bread with PB
-cottage cheese

Yesterday I made a lovely dinner of more sauteed veggies with hummus, scrambled eggs, and toast:

This was an amazing combination, and I have some leftover veggies so I might have to have this again today! :) I love dry (unbuttered) toast that's salted! Am I weird?

And I was a bottomless pit yesterday so I cut up a Fuji apple with PB.

Then I broke into the donuts that my bf and I bought from a NEW Dunkin' Donuts that opened a 15 minute walk from my house!!! People, this will be dangerous! Now, obviously I don't eat donuts every day. I remember that the last time I had donuts was when I was in Los Angeles last November. So eating something (anything) once a year is not a big deal at all. And the fact is, I have been enjoying my 6 donuts (over the course of a week and I still have 2 left in the fridge--so no binging!) soooo much! I think it's unreal for any food to be that delicious! It still doesn't mean I'm going to become a donut addict, but I *may* have to include one here or there!

What is your FAVORITE totally non-nutritious food? Obviously donuts are right up there for me! Also, almost anything chocolate is great. And chocolately pastries. And once in a while, if I'm in the mood, french fries with ketchup. And don't forget really good beer (lighter lagers are the best.) I'm a foodie and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

Anyway, back to donuts. :) I still have a maple glazed one and a Boston cream pie one, but I had most of a chocolate glazed one yesterday (and a part of a chocolate filled one, but there's no pictures of that one.)

Finally I snacked on this free sample I got. (I don't normally buy these, but one was OK.)

And my totally random breakfast from Saturday:

OK, that's all folks! I'm off to run, then teach. I hope everyone is having a good Monday so far!


  1. My favorite treat is a cookie's n cream blizzard from Dairy Queen! Luckily there are no Dairy Queens around me in NY! TCBY comes very close though!

  2. My favorite kind of donut is a beignet, it's like a french donut. But every so often, once a year, the French department orders them at school, and they are fresh from a specialty bakery, and they are deeeeelicious. I haven't had one since before my ED, but maybe this year, I'll go for it! :-)

  3. My favorite non-nutritious food is definately candy. I can finish a large bag of candy in no time! :)

  4. Sounds like you are forming a great little studio! I miss music so much! It's so hard to go from playing 2-4 hrs a day to nothing.

    I love chocolate and pb together. :-) I also love monkey bread (cinnamon and pillsbury rolls) and ice cream.

  5. Haha, that is such a coincidence, because I just posted a post about having to NOT eat healthy all the time! I LOVE you more now!

    my all time fave "junk" food = fast food burgers!

  6. I was glad you posted about allowing yourself treat-foods, woot for Dunkin Donuts. ;) To answer your question, my favorite treat is Reese's peanut butter cups! Mmmm.


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