Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I did it: I ran 14 miles!


*Calms down*

OK, sorry about that! But I am extremely excited and pleased! Because I am the runner who COULD NOT run even 1/2 a mile about 5 months ago! Remember this post? Or this one?!

I struggled with running for a long time. I got winded and had to slow down. Now granted, I was running too fast and I was extremely impatient with myself. But I kept at it, blindly pushing aside negativity and discouragement and kept plodding along. It wasn't always easy, and it's still NOT. I still *want* to quit after less than a mile. Every single step is still extremely difficult for me. Running does not come naturally to me, but it does come. I have had to work hard at it. I have been running at least 2 or 3 days a weeks, maybe 10-20 miles each week + my normal cross training (LOVE my Expresso bikes, and of course strength training...that comes MUCH easier to me!)

In the coldest days I ran inside. Whenever it was even reasonably warm, I'd go outside. I tried to just run as much as possibly could, and I walked when I had to. I still almost can't believe my progress. I'm not exactly a professional athlete or anything, but I am still stunned with where I am at today.
I WANT to keep it up!
I want to go farther.
I want to continue getting better that myself.
It's exciting.
It's hard.
And it's worth it!


After yesterday's run, I have been hobbling around all day like an old lady am incredibly sore. So I stopped by a local running store to buy the stick. This:

It is amazing! My right outer shin and both of my quads are killing a good way! I love the feeling of being sore. It's AMAZING!

I also picked up a few flavors of GU gels that I can't wait to try on another long run.
(I bought the Tri-Berry, the Vanilla Bean and the Chocolate Outrage...hope they're good!)

But while I was there, I was talking with the team members and they were all so supportive of my running and encouraged me to join their local running club.

*jaw drops*

"Lisa?" "Join a running club?!"



And so, I am TERRIFIED, but strangely excited for Sunday morning. (They also do tempo and interval runs on Wednesdays but I won't be able to make very many due to my work.) But I AM going to go! I don't know what to expect but they assured me that there are all levels of runners there, including people slower than me (didn't know that was possible! Hah!) and I'm going to do it! I really want to meet other runners locally, and it will make the long runs more fun! So we shall see what that brings!

Anyway, I am headed to bed. I would love to put up a real post, but I have been baby-sitting many mornings and I have to get up early again to watch the most wonderful, sweet, adorable little girl. And then go straight to teach from 2-8pm!

So I'll catch up on all your blogs tomorrow night!


  1. Yay congrats on the 14 mile run!! And the running club sounds amazing.. I'd say go for it!

    The Stick = the best thing ever created for sore muscles!

  2. wow. you are amazing. congrats.

  3. Wow, girl, I'm so happy for you! I know how much you love your running, and this must have been SO exhilarating for you! Go take a good rest, now!

  4. Congrats on the run! You should be very proud of yourself.

  5. Congrats on running 14 miles! That is so great, and I'm so proud of you for sticking with it. Can't wait to hear how running club goes!

  6. Congratulations!! What an amazing accomplishment!
    <3 jess


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