Sunday, January 17, 2010

Death by chocolate!

I hope everyone has had a good Sunday and an excellent week! You all ready for a new week? Bring it on!

Tell me: what are you looking forward to in this coming week?

For me, I'd have to say that I'm looking forward to my long run tomorrow (it's going to be 43 and NOT snowing plus I have the time so I'm going to try to do 13 miles! Yes! An entire half marathon! I feel confident...wish me luck!)

Additionally, I am looking forward to just another week of work...I only felt like this past week I was finally mentally back. And I do like my daily structure of teaching, etc.

And finally, I am looking forward to good food! Like the following....

I have to tell you about an incredibly exciting bowl of death-by-chocolate oat bran that I made:

Different angle, same meal:

Seriously, this is the most healthy, yet chocolately thing I've ever eaten! (And I have a SERIOUS sweet tooth!)

What in this delicious bowl?

-oat bran
-cocoa powder
-1/2 to 1 packet of Truvia
-cottage cheese
-1 square broken up of Lindt 90% dark chocolate (!!)
-tiny bit of raw honey
-almond butter


Yes, I'll be making it frequently!!


Despite all the chocolate, I have also been eating my vegetables...promise!

This was sauteed broccoli, spinach, and mushrooms with hummus, and garnished with tomatoes and carrots.

This one was a veggie and egg scramble (veggies were yellow squash and spinach) with salsa and a piece of spelt toast with Almond Butter.

And here's another excellent meal: eggs with full fat cheddar cheese, a piece of tofu I had baked with soy sauce, lots of sauteed spinach with cracked pepper and two pieces of spelt toast, one with almond butter and the other with cheese and hummus!

And then this...was leftover from a restaurant that I went to with a friend. It's a huge stuffed manicotti filled with ricotta and mozzarella and is INDESCRIBABLY delicious! I'm really at a loss for words! It rocked me world, and I wish I could eat a huge plate of it with all of my fellow bloggers also partaking to get to share in the experience!

(I had 2 of the same size ones and the restaurant and just brought home the 3rd one. When I reheated it, I added steamed spinach and half a piece of bread [that was also leftover] to it to make a meal!)


I eat a lot...obviously! I've been realizing (again) that I eat far more than most women I know! After years of ED/DE when I counted obsessively, I was finally able to break the cycle! So now, I have no idea of my exact calories (and I'm sure it varies quite wildly, day to day) but I'm guess I average around 2500. I am reasonably active and I have a fair amount of muscle. I love strength training way more than cardio. (That's the former gymnast in me speaking!) Anyway, the point is, I'm finally OK with my body simply requiring more fuel. When I was "recovered" (technically, but definitely not emotionally!) I tried to limit my calories to xxxx per day. I was grossly underestimating my own personal needs and I ended up binging quite frequently, simply due to extreme hunger! I have found that the only way for me to prevent binging is to consistently be eating more than I think thought I "should".

(And obviously, I don't post everything I eat on this blog! In real life I am actually eating every 2-3 joke! Think Luna bars, PB on carrots or fruit, sandwiches, etc. My body is extremely efficient and I thank it for that, especially after all the years of abuse!)

Alrighty, sorry about that tangent. Back to...FOOD!

Here's a breakfast that I've enjoyed on several mornings of the past week.

-oat bran
-goji berry trail mix (my favorite, but too expensive for a regular basis!)
-cottage cheese
-almond butter
-raw honey, this stuff:
I found it on the cheap at T.J.Maxx of all places. And this stuff is GOOD!!! It's been making a daily breakfast appearance!! And it's SOOO flavorful that you really don't need very much to add a richness to an entire bowl of oatmeal! :)

Have you discovered any new food products lately that you've been loving?!

(Just a thought...would you be interested in a giveaway of this honey?!)

Speaking of giveaways, if you want to win some Greek yogurt, head on over to Blue Sky World's blog for two different giveaways:




She's so generous that she's also having a giveaway for chocolate!

And now, I'm off to bed so that I can wake up early-ish and run 13.1 miles!!


  1. That is quite the oat bran! Looks totally delicious to me. I love chocolate in my oats!!

    Those leftovers look PHENOMENAL!
    <3 jess

  2. all of your food looks SO delicious!!

  3. I just discovered raw sprouted sunflower seeds. OMG, the greatest. Seriously.

    And man, you really ARE the runner to look forward to a 13 miles run?!

  4. Wow...I stumbled upon your blog accidentally.
    You are inspiring! The looks so simple, wholesome and delicious! I def. will be trying the chocolate oatmeal thing.
    Rock on!


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