Saturday, February 6, 2010


Holy Snow!! Geez, we got about 18 inches dumped on us overnight! As in, in one night only. As in, on Friday at 2:00pm, it was totally dry and snow-free outside! Here's what I woke up to:

My front steps!

And the view from my back porch.

Do you have snow where you are? And if/when you are snowed in, what's your favorite way to spend the day?

I had a very productive day! ALL of my lessons at both studios were canceled, and pretty much the entire city was SHUT DOWN. (Bars, the symphony, even STARBUCKS!, etc.) So I took advantage of it and slept in! (I slept from 11:00pm to 10:30am on the first day in forever that I haven't set my alarm!! Gosh, what's wrong with me? How can I possibly need that much sleep?!) I also did 2 loads of laundry, changed my sheets, dusted a bit, organized my room, vacuumed, and got a lot of practicing in!

In the morning, I talked to my parents for a long time and made breakfast:

A virtuous yellow pepper with avocado, parsley and hummus + 2 eggs with organic ketchup!

And for some carb-y deliciousness, I snacked on...ahem...several chocolate chip cookies that I made yesterday.

(The letters LJ are on many things above so that my roommates don't eat my food!)

Plus a little baking =

(I have been overdosing on these cookies which are SOOO good! Also, my workouts have been drastically cut, due to the weather and a VERY sore shin all week. I have barely worked out at all, so I'm counting on the old metabolism to keep things going! Woo! Yay for a 23 year old metabolism! Lol!)

And apparently I was in a baking mood all week, because several days ago I made these:

Neither the cookies nor the brownies have an actual recipe! I just sort of threw some stuff in a bowl, mixed it together and baked them. Being thoroughly prepared to throw them both out if needed, I was pleasantly surprised to taste both of them and find out that they were excellent! Maybe I will try to recreate them next week and actually write down the recipe...what a novel concept, I know.

Anyway, onto the non-sweet foods.

Power snack extraordinaire:

-reduced fat swiss cheese

Another classic snack:

And some excellent meals:

-sauteed veggies as the base (cabbage, onion, red bell pepper, spinach + EVOO)

**I had a bunch of food pictures on my camera, so I apologize for having to go through these quickly.**

Some random lunch this week:

Tuna, avocado and hummus sandwich.

Close up of the veggies:

Last week a friend invited me over for dinner, and he sent me home with leftovers which fueled me for a long day of teaching on Saturday (a week old...what a bad blogger!)

This was a mixture of shrimp, veggies and a teriyaki sauce over noodles. It was extremely delicious!

Back to sweet stuff now. It always cracks me up when bloggers say "I'm such a chocoholic. I usually have at least one piece every day!" Pfff! Assume that I *regularly* eat between 100-300 calories of chocolate daily. Or more. Oh yes I do! I'm not at all sorry and I do not regret any delicious bite.

Here's proof, although these were not all eaten in the single day.

(From a local supporting local businesses!)

Some of this 90% bar went into this bowl of oats:

And one more:

I have been drinking red wine most nights at home. Currently enjoying this bottle:

Which I bought for one reason only: the cute penguin on the bottle! Some people buy wine based on taste, or brand, or year or price...I buy based on how cute the label is!

I am again sorry for such a long post! Bear with me. I will try to do more frequent and therefore shorter posts!

I'm off to read for a bit before bed! I'm skipping church tomorrow because I honestly don't want to drive anywhere that's not absolutely necessary! So it will be another day to sleep in! Goodnight!


  1. Mmmm. 90% cocoa chocolate. Omnomnom! Anyways... I got no snow whatsoever by me. It was SUPPOSED to snow, but it didn't. It snowed everywhere BUT by me. Gah! *jealous* Can you send me some snow over? I sure would like some...especially on a Sunday night!

  2. Holy snow! It hasn't snowed very much at all here. I wouldn't mind being snowed in, actually. :-)

    I definitely eat more than one piece of chocolate a day and can't really call yourself a chocoholic for eating one fun size piece a day, haha. And I love dark chocolate in my oats.

  3. The snow looks beautiful! Enjoy your downtime and be careful!

  4. yikes that is a ton of snow!!

    oh gosh I am just in love with that 90% cocoa chocolate. I got some for christmas and keep requesting more :) haha. I like that you added it to your oats - will have to try that soon!

  5. Everything looks delicious! Love all the choc. action.

    Beautiful snow!
    <3 jess


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