Monday, February 8, 2010

Running Music, part 1

Good morning! Yay--I'm actually posting 2 days in a row! Thanks for all the recent comments by new readers! I really love getting them! It totally makes my day, so I just wanted to say thanks!

So I wanted to share some of my running/workout music with you and I would LOVE to hear your workout play lists! Please share them with me! Do you have separate lists for different activities (running, strength training, yoga, etc)? Any other themed play lists? Do you have any particular favorite artists or genres? Especially lesser known artists that I can familiarize myself with. I always enjoy discovering new music, so comment to your heart's content!

Here are some of my favorite songs/artists, specifically for running. I have blogged before about how I am working hard to improve my running (although right now my shin is in serious trouble and I'm staying off of it for the next 2 weeks to even have a shot at running my first half marathon on March 27th!) But ordinarily, I was trying to run 4 days a week between 3-5 miles, plus a long 10-ish mile run once a week. So that's a lot of time and good music makes it so much more fun! I thrive with good music and it really motivates me so much more than if I had to run without it. It also provides the energy to keep pushing through (all of my songs are quite upbeat) because at this early stage in my running, with my extremely limited abilities, I am pretty much dying after the first 1/2 mile and anything thereafter is simply a mental and physical battle.

So without further ado, this is my all-time favorite songs list (part 1):

-Viva La Vida by Coldplay As a violinist, I am immensely biased toward excellent songs with strings in them!

-Lose Yourself by Eminem Always inspiring. It gets me just angry enough to keep pushing!

-Kick Drum Heart by The Avett Brothers
A peppy piano-driven song!

-Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly
And many other songs of theirs! I'm pretty sure I could do an entire long run of Flogging Molly songs! They are extremely upbeat Irish punk rock, for those not familiar! Other favorites include: Kilburn High Road, Rebels of the Sacred Heart, Requiem for a Dying Song, What's Left of the Flag, Tomorrow Comes a Day Too Soon, From the Back of a Broken Dream, and many more.

-Erasers on Pencils by Ceili Rain (a lesser known, but incredible artist) -These Things Have a Way of Workin' Out by Ceili Rain
Hard to find these songs, but worth buying the CD for. They are uplifting both lyrically and musically. I could loop these and be content for a long time. -Henrietta by The Fratellis
Another indie-punk band. I think maybe I have a large inner punk kid in me! :) Seriously, high energy and fun. Also recommended by them: Flathead, Chelsea Dagger, The Gutterati and Creepin' Up the Back Stairs.

-Plasti-Queens by Geoff Byrd
Nice and funky, with cool lyrics.

-Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous by Good Charlotte
This was popular when I was in high school, so I listened to it a lot. Good beat.

-The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
"It just takes some time, little girl, you're in the middle of the ride, everything is going to be alright." Great lyrics, great beat, so uplifting! One of my most comforting songs!

-Leave Me Alone by Hanna Pakarinen
Another artist who is harder to locate. But totally worth it. She's Finnish (I think) and has an excellent voice plus catchy almost rhyming music. Also check out Go Go and Stronger Without You by her.

-Jesus Loves You by Stellar Kart
I know it's a Christian song, and I don't want to offend anyone, but it's high energy and string-driven, so I love it! I can't say I'm a huge fan of the name, though!

-Fatima by K'Naan -Wavin' Flag by K'Naan
K'Naan has a cool voice and excellent instrumentation! I mean, a sampled trumpet riff? How many songs can boast of that? And his lyrics are great, but sad. Especially Fatima; you have been warned.
-Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
A very sad song that deals with domestic violence. But it handles it maturely and it helps me push through!


I don't want to overwhelm anyone, so I will end this post here. While I was typing, I noticed how long it was getting and I decided to break it into two (or more) posts. There are many more artists on my running play list, so I'll try to post that in a few days.

Before I go, want to leave you with a few more snow pictures!

My street!

You can barely tell where the cars start!

Big foot. Or just me being silly. :)

My poor little car! I hope the poor thing starts when I need it to!

A cleared sidewalk.

Most of the city is still shut down and most of my evening students have canceled. So I'm just staying at home all day, practicing and blogging. I do need to get some major practicing in, due to that Missouri gig that is coming up!

I might try to walk to the gym again. I ventured there yesterday and got a decent 30 minutes on the SciFit machine + 60 minutes of strength training. (Trying to stay off my shin!) Plus the walk which should have been 20 minutes was 45 minutes each way!

In the meantime, if you're snowed in (or even if you're not) here are two CHOCOLATE giveaways! (Hook me up! You know how much I love my chocolate! Wheee!)

-The Voracious Vegan is giving away some awesome Sweet Earth organic vegan chocolates!
-Mambo Sprouts is giving away fair trade organic chocolate!

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm! Spring is almost here!


  1. Crazy snow! It's actually supposed to snow a lot tonight, and I'm hoping it doesn't take me forever to get to my rotation site tomorrow.

    Current playlist:
    alone (heart)
    bad romance (lady gaga)..i know, i know, haha
    dominos (big pink)
    everlasting God (lincoln brewster)
    fireflies (owl city)
    hearts on fire (cut copy)
    how far we've come (matchbox 20)
    i'd rather dance with you (kings of convenience)
    i can't take my eyes off you (high school musical)
    kiss w/ a fist (florence + the machine)
    magic (ladyhawke)
    morningside (sara bareilles)
    my love is better (annie)
    pony ride (the crash)
    pump it (black eyed peas)
    rabbit heart (florence + the machine)
    songs remind me of you (annie)
    they (jem)
    whatcha say (jason derulo)

    I also like podcasts from They're free and the best way for staying on tempo/pace.

  2. Ack!! The snow is crazy, man! I'm sure glad I'm not there, sorry to say this. ;-)

    Ah, I listen to podcasts when I run. Charles Stanely's daily devotion is amazing, I highly recommend. I also listen to praise songs, and other podcasts like The Splendid Table and Good Food. Also,broadway musical songs from Mamma Mia nad Chicago!

  3. Great workout! I just love strength training. I don't have a running playlist, haha! I have a yoga playlist though ;)

    <3 jess

  4. So sorry to hear about your injury, and the snow! It seems like we're dealing with such similar problems in relation to exercise and running (I have a half too at the beginning of March) and I have to say that I admire you so much for being so calm and rational about it, and for taking care of your body.

    My running playlist has literally hundreds of songs so I won't bore you with them all, but I'm a metal fan so there are many tracks by Rammstein and Metallica involved (Enter Sandman=perfect running pace song). I also love Highway to Hell (AC/DC), Devour (Shinedown), Burn it to the Ground (Nickelback) and Through the Fire and the Flames (Dragonforce). And obviously you can't beat Bat out of Hell (Meat Loaf) for sheer irony of lyrics ;)

    I totally agree with you about Lose Yourself as well - I love to run to aggressive tracks if you couldn't already tell ;)

    Thanks a million for your comment to me!




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