Friday, November 6, 2009

Lots of new (fantastic!) products!

Surprise! I decided to post tonight because I miss you all in the blogging world! Here's some of my lovely eats over the past few days. There aren't that many picture because my appetite disappeared for a few days (weird, that NEVER happens!) but I also definitely didn't take pictures of everything I ate. Here's a few things though.

I wasn't very impressed with this can of soup and won't buy it again. I also eat so little red meat at this point (mainly because of laziness in cooking it--not for any moral or health reason!) that when I DO eat beef my stomach ends up hurting. I picked out the chunks of beef and threw them away. Obviously not too impressed.

On the other hand, this free sample of a kind of cereal that I had never tried ended up being pretty good. It had a slightly disconcerting fake chemical-y taste, but it was still pretty good. I'd give it about 6 out of 10 stars. I might even by it at some point. Actually, scratch that. I'm trying to eat less processed food and foods with fewer ingredients. But hey--it was free, and my policy on free food is NEVER TURN IT DOWN! ;-) It had decent nutritional facts:

My go-to snack. I ate so many carrots last week that my hands/skin turned orange! Not even kidding! Oops. *sheepish grin*

I mixed up another packet of this amazing drink with some 1% milk and some black coffee--mocha style! :)

It was a little bitter so I added one packet of this that I had gotten as a free sample a while ago. It made it slightly better, but I think I'll refrain from adding coffee next time. It didn't work as well as I had hoped.

Speaking of free things (which is THE BEST part of being a food blogger!) LARABAR contacted me last week and sent me some samples which arrived very recently. I always gt excited to see this waiting for me:

And I opened it to reveal:

I was SOOO excited! And I immediately put one in my purse for an emergency snack, which came in handy today as I was running around like a mad woman! I tried the Cashew Cookie and I was SERIOUSLY impressed!! (Somehow, I've never tried this flavor--even though I adore cashews.) Even though the only ingredients are dates and cashews, somehow the texture and flavors were PERFECT! It was quite magical, and no, I'm not getting paid to say that. ;-) I adored it and I WILL buy it again in a heartbeat, especially if it were to say, hmm, come on sale!

(Image used from the Larabar website)

And speaking of new (for me) products, I finally tried this new So Delicious dairy free blueberry yogurt. I bought it because it is sweetened with agave nectar which is low glycemic so it doesn't bother my blood sugar levels as much as regular sugar. I'm normally not a huge fan of soy yogurt at all, but I LOVED this! (Seriously, what's up with so many new absolutely totally freakin' delicious products? Notice how I'm not complaining though!) I would certainly buy this again! It had an interesting texture; kind of like some of the whipped yogurts they (used to?) have out. I thought I wouldn't like the texture but it really grew on me! And the sweet ripe blueberry flavor was incredible! I topped it with a little low sugar cereal and it made a great snack!

I posted an Operation Beautiful note this week. (Actually, I happened to take a photo of this one. I try to post one whenever the opportunity arises.)

Some juice while reading blogs. Vitamin C anyone?

I made a lovely breakfast a few days ago. Nice and nutrient-rich while being pretty light.

I have, of course, been balancing out nice healthy meals like the one you see above with copious amounts of these:

(I apologize for the blurry pictures!)

Those chocolates are taking care of my fat and sugar allowance (har har, it was a joke!) and this Diet Coke is successfully fulfilling my chemical and fake sugar crap requirements. ;-)

I regret none of it. :-)

Breakfast today was the classic "Crap, I'm getting REEEEALLY low on groceries!"

Two slices of Nature's Pride 12-Grain bread with PB and my LAST piece of fresh fruit in the house! (Maybe I'll finally get to go grocery shopping when this weekend from hell is over--not to busy after I make it through tomorrow!)

Well tomorrow I'm teaching a bunch of private lessons (9am-3pm), helping out with a little kids' orchestra (3-5pm) and then playing a 2 1/2 hour community symphony concert. And I have very few groceries, so packing food tomorrow should be interesting....

But I'll worry about that later. Now, I'm off to read in bed for a few minutes and then sleeeeep! Good night!


  1. I love the cashew cookie Lara bar.


  2. Canned soup can never compete with some good ole homemade soup. But they are deinitely nice when you don't feel like cooking. And I'm so jealous of the Laras :-) Your breakfast looks good. I've only been having oats, or yogurt or cottage cheese messes lately, but today, randomly in the middle of the afternoon, I just thought, "Whoah, I really want some bread right now!" So I had a slice of bread, and I totally forgot how much I love bread. Definitely tomorrow's breakfast will have bread and some nut buttah in that meal

  3. Wow, this is an awesome foodie post! Love all the new products and LARABARS!!! YAY!! Love those delicious things.

    <3 jess

  4. I tried the new PB&J Larabars at FNCE, and they are AMAZING! Holy love in bar form.

    Hope your concert went well! I miss music so much sometimes, it hurts. :-(


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