Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Return home to get ready to move! :)

I'm home, and thanks for your sweet comments on my last post. I know it feels like forever since I've blogged! But here I am, and I hope you enjoy this post.

The Iowa shows were a great success as we got to play for lots of people, sold a decent amount of merchandise, and generally had a blast! One of the shows was at a nature conservancy with a bunch of great hiking trails. I went out to go hiking and I ended up getting lost, walking (with a tiny bit of running) for about 4 hours! I was a little worried though, because I didn't have any water and I was getting mighty sunburned! (Now, a week later, it's peeling incredibly severely, complete with water blisters, which means it was actually a second degree burn! Not fun, but not a huge deal. It honestly didn't hurt THAT much, and I'm fine now, minus the really obnoxious peeling!) The "walk" turned into probably at least 10-15 miles! And the next day I walked/jogged a 3 mile trail!

Here are some pictures of the Iowa plains, flatlands, farmlands, hiking trails, and nature that I saw and got to walk through, while there.

This stream running under a hiking trail was one of my favorite sights. :)

In clarification of my title of this post, I am moving apartments in less than a week. My lease is up on June 29th, so I'll be moving in with two new people who seem nice but I don't really know them, so I'm hoping for the best. I have a pretty good feeling about it, though. Therefore, all of my free time (after getting home!) has been spent packing up endless boxes! I have most of my stuff put away, but there's still a lot to do:
  • clean the house entirely tomorrow
  • call landlord about where to leave the keys
  • be here on Monday for the gas company to shut of the gas
  • call a mover about the big stuff, mainly my bed and some book shelves. (Ack! Still need to do this!!!)
  • BREATHE. :)
I'm really exhausted right now (I've been fighting off being sick, and I woke up with a 101.2 fever today! But it's gone as of tonight, so YAY! Still have achy glands so I figure that I need to get some quality sleep!)

But here are a few quick food pictures. I have been eating really strange stuff as I'm trying to eat down the contents of my fridge. I'm sure you all understand. :)

I had a yogurt with leftover Kashi cereal and PB Loco Peanut Butter. (With coffee!)

I also used up a jar of Seeds of Change Tikka Masala sauce that I sauteed some chicken in. It's great, because I finished my frozen chicken tenders and I have an easy-to-grab protein filled snack any time. It's also incredibly easy. :)

I regularly crave broccoli, especially after being on the road touring for a week! I only ate 2 of the chicken tenders and saved the others, by the way.

On a less healthy note, my wonderful amazing boyfriend brought me a bunch of Starbucks pastries, so I've been mightily enjoying Toffee Carmel bars, reduced fat chocolate chip banana cakes, vanilla bean mini scones, and a couple other treats. They are so delicious! :)

I also finished a box of truffles this week, with the last one left.

And I finished a lonesome frozen waffle in my fridge. This was a Nature's Path Pomegranate waffle with lots of fiber and stuff and I topped it with peach yogurt.

I'm been drinking a ton of Bolthouse juice that has lots of Vitamin C in it (acerola cherries ROCK!) and it's been wonderful! So I think it helped me feel better today!

I discovered a BRILLIANT and HILARIOUS song this week by indie songwriter Jonathan Coulton called "Code Monkey". I found its music video on YouTube and I wanted to share it with you because the song cracks me up every time I hear it! :)

I am literally falling asleep at my computer, so I need to go to sleep! See you all soon! :)


  1. Aww! That is so sweet of your bf! The chocolate loooks really yummy!

    I'm glad your show was a success! And good luck moving :)


  2. Good luck with the move! Hope everything works out well :) Yayy for your show going great! That's awesome!
    Hope you get everything done girlie! Yummy chicken btw!
    <3 jess

  3. Yay welcome back! Sounds like you had a great trip. Sorry that you got sunburned, though. :-(

    Hope the move goes well and that you feel better soon!


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