Friday, June 26, 2009

Operation Beautiful!

Check out Caitlin's latest project of starting a positive body image movement among women. I found this through Kath's blog and I love it so much, so I wanted to post it. I'm probably also going to post it on my Facebook profile and try to get the word out as much as possible! As a young woman who struggled with an ED/DE for several years, this kind of project is so encouraging to see! I would love to participate and I will definitely be telling other women about it!

So, head on over to Operation Beautiful for a refreshing reminder that you TRULY ARE BEAUTIFUL exactly the way you are! Girls, let's not waste even one more second of our lives with berating ourselves, verbally and/or physically abusing ourselves, and just generally being awful to your soul and spirit.

You are worth so much more than that!


  1. I posted some notes in my gym last week!! So fun!

  2. oh and Caitlin made a facebook group for operation beautiful!


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