Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Off to the Hawkeye State!

I'm heading out here very shortly, but I wanted to put a post up. I'll be playing three live shows plus a radio show and I'll be home on Sunday night. I will miss you all and I'll miss my boyfriend quite a lot, but I will have my return home to look forward to. I do really love to travel though, and I've never seen Iowa, so it'll be great! :)

Here are some quick eats over the past few days. This is by no means anywhere close to everything I've eaten! But I took a few blog worthy ones.

I had gotten a free Kashi entree a while back and I needed to use it up from my freezer before I move, so I pulled it out over the weekend when I didn't have much time.

With an apple.

Up close and personal. Spinach, cheese, bell peppers, chicken, whole grains, mushrooms. YUM!

I found a new bar at the store. It's pretty good. Not my favorite, but decent.

And I made a really good meal of yellow split peas cooked in lite coconut milk with some dried onion and garlic salt. I also cooked up some zucchini in olive oil with an onion and added one frozen chicken tender for some protein.

Dessert! :)

I also had this drink while making it:

I love the cute messages on their bottles! :)

I'm so late getting out of the house! I've got to leave, but I can't wait until I'm home on Sunday at which point I will really try to be much better about commenting on your blogs!



  1. Mhm! I love ANYTHING Kashi - so healthy and delicious!
    Have you tried their Sweet and Sour Chicken frozen meal? It's my favorite. =]

    Teehee. And Godiva is pretty much the bombdiggety, no? Chocolate = <3.

    I hope you have a fabulous time in Iowa! Take care, m'dear.

  2. Mmmm Godiva chocolat <3

    I hope you'll have an amazing weekend! :)

  3. Have fun in Iowa!!
    I LOVE that kashi entree :)
    <3 jess

  4. I love Godiva chocolate. A bit too expensive for me though and I'd probably gobble the lot up.

  5. Hope all your shows go well in Iowa! A radio show, too?! Fun times!

    Yay coconut milk! Really adds a lot of nice flavor.

  6. that kashi meal sounds awesome! i need to get my hands on it!

    good luck in iowa!

  7. have fun in Iowa girlie!! hope you play a good show!

    i tried a couple of those Kashi meals a while back, i wasnt too impressed with them - maybe they changed them up a bit!!

  8. Have fun in Iowa girl!

    That Kashi meal looks fantastic! And I have never seen that bar before!

  9. hey there! Haven't heard from you for a long time! I hope you're doing ok! And I'll bet you did a fabulous job on the live shows! Miss you!

  10. hope you are having a great trip! =)


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