Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The perfect egg sandwich

Yay, time for food pictures! I've been on an egg and cheese sandwich for...months now! Seriously, the combinations are endless as too what kind of cheese to use, on what type of bread, spinach or arugula, and spices to put on the eggs! Which of course has given me the oh-so-perfect excuse to try a bunch of different cheeses from Whole Foods and my local grocery store (they actually have a good selection!) Here are a few I've tried:

(Ignore the price per pound! I actually didn't know it was that much! Oh well; it's delicious! It has a coffee crust --brilliant!-- and lavender in it! Talk about gourmet...best thing about buying food for only one person is that I doesn't get that expensive overall. And by the way, this cheese is SOOOO flavorful! Almost too spicy/sharp but in a good way. I don't know how to describe it better than that!)

And another kind:

Also very tasty!

So the perfect egg sandwich "recipe" is:

1) Cook an egg stove top with whatever spices you want. I'm partial to garlic pepper, cumin, curry powder, and/or dried basil.

2) Put ketchup (organic obviously) on the bread/english muffin/whatever, along with your vegetable of choice. I use spinach and/or arugula and AVOCADO when I have it!!, but sliced tomato would probably be good as would sauteed kale/collard greens/chard.

3) Flip the egg over, add cheese of choice, turn heat down and let it finish cooking + let the cheese melt.

4) Transfer the egg to the sandwich and enjoy!

This is what the finished product looks like:

Or this:

Yeah, they're that good. (That's the coffee crusted cheese above!)

Other eats included two turkey burgers (on different days!). I got the pre-made ones from Whole Foods and this one included sun dried tomatoes and gorgonzola cheese. Somehow I trust meat from Whole Foods way more than I do from any other store. And honestly, I'm trying to get myself to eat -a little- more meat (health/nutrition reasons-I honestly believe we are omnivores and meat is a good source of so many nutrients!), so this was a good way to do it.

My trusty arugula again, and sweet potato fries on the side! YUM. This was my immediate post-22 miler run food!

Followed by these:

And this mixed into a bottle of water:

Later I ate a package of my favorite frozen veggies:

And most recently, I've been enjoying hugely decadent bowls of oat bran!

This was also after running 22 miles--I can eat whatever I want! :) And it's actually pretty healthy! This is strawberries with P B and hazelnut butter and a few raisins and chocolate chips. Totally nutritious...but there may or may not have been moaning while eating this! :)

And this bowl is toned down a bit, but still delicious! Same two kinds of nut butter, and SO DELICIOUS coconut milk ice cream! I'm going to patent that idea or adding it to oat bran. But in the mean time, you're welcome to steal my idea!

Well, off to teach! While I'm gone, let me know

What meals/creations are you currently loving?


  1. Coffee-crusted cheese? Sounds interesting! I haven't had an egg sandwich in a while--this post makes me want one!

    Lately I've been loving big bowls of oats with tons of nut butter (surprise surprise!), sweet potato fries and stir fry bowls with an egg or hummus on top.

  2. Those two bowls of oats look incredible!!! You deserve 10000000 bowls after running all that!!

  3. i've been on an egg kick for awhile now. i really love eggs + hummus...fave combo for sure!

  4. I never thought that an egg sandwich would sound good, but you've done it! I think I'll make one for breakfast tomorrow?!?! I'm really loving on these chicken tacos I made up the other day :-) Corn tortillas, roasted sweet and fingerling potatoes tossed in sea salt and black truffle oil, rotisserie chicken strips, and topped with parmesan cheese, avocado, and roasted pepper hummus...yes, those are my tacos :-)


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