Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So hard to blog consistently!

I'm so sorry about my multiple hiatuses. (hiati? I studied Latin and that should be correct...augh, I'm such a nerd!)

There's no excuse for my many days of not blogging. Yes, I've been busy with violin teaching and playing, and hanging out with my boyfriend and my other friends. I'm preparing for my first studio recital of all of my students. There will be about 15 private students of mine and I'll play at the end (upon request from some families). Plus there will be a reception afterward! I'm so excited for it!

Check out this cute picture posted at a place where I play violin.

Here are some totally random eats throughout several weeks. One of the things I try to do and therefore blog, is to eat a variety of foods, both healthy and fun. I crave a lot of veggies and stuff, but I also eat chocolate cake, go out with friends, etc etc. You'll see both.

This was a very balanced meal of ww bread, cheese, hummus, red peppers (my favorite!), broccoli and peas. Eat what you love, love what you eat!

One of my favorite bars!

I enjoyed this bread for a while. Overall lately, I've noticed myself craving carbs MUCH less. Fruit, bread, sugary things just are not sounding as appealing to me. Whatever. My body is pretty good about telling me what it needs.

Cheap red bell peppers is one of my favorite things about summer!

Broccoli with hummus. Yum!

They served this after a gig that I played, so of course I had to grab a piece. Free, and DELICIOUS! :)

I made this protein drink, with excellent nutritional facts from Whole Foods. I'm not going to lie though--it was pretty disgusting! I hate to be negative at all, and like I said, it was so healthy! I with is tasted a bit better. I mixed it with 1% milk and I managed to finish it all, but that's about it. Oh well. Live and learn.

I had some leftover pizza that my boyfriend brought home. Double this slice as part of a meal, and I had two big slices over the course of a few days. I love pizza but I rarely eat it, not because of any nutritional reason (well, maybe partially), but just because I never think to buy it for myself. Just not in that habit.

This bowl of tofu and sauteed veggies accompanied the pizza! :)

On a random day I was craving sweet potato fries so I bought a pack of Alexis ones from WF. They are so good. And I had carrots with hummus too.

Random bowl of oat bran with raisins, PB and carob chips. I've been feeling a lot better with MORE fat in my diet. I started experimenting with it, since I've been reading Heather Eats Almond Butter for so long. And I definitely fell better having upwards of 20 grams of fat at every meal and/or snack. I really think everyone's body is different because I know some people feel lethargic or even sick on a higher fat diet, but for me, I have much more energy and I don't struggle with low blood sugar as often then.

Bruggers Bagels: Herby Turkey sandwich. Try it! :)

Speaking of a higher fat diet, these are excellent to snack on!

This was really strange. I didn't DISlike it, but it was really hard to get used to. I'm not sure if I'd buy it again, but it wasn't that bad.

Well, I'm off to have a doctor's appointment to try and figure out why my periods are still totally irregular after 5+ years of recovery from an ED. Then I'm teaching and playing tonight, but I'll be back soon!

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  1. Yayy you're back! You don't have to apologize for the hiatus though, it's understandable.

    Love that picture, it's so cute! I feel like that on many days.

    Have a great day, good luck with the dr appt!


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