Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Long day to practice!

Good morning! I'm going to put up a quick post and then get to practicing. I need to learn three pieces for a concert coming up very soon. I'm the only violinist in the group and they are quite difficult! Later today I'm teaching and rehearsing an opera.

I have a few more random meals to catch up on so here you go.

This is a Boca patty (mushroom mozzarella, I think?) "burger" with a bunch of sauteed zucchini and onions on the side.

Eaten while studying this:

And since I was still hungry:

Breakfast yesterday morning was a bowl of oatmeal with strawberries, pumpkin and carob chips. I'm all out of strawberries and they are another "MUST" purchase today. Fresh strawberries are one of my favorite foods ever!

I stopped by Starbucks before teaching for 6 hours yesterday to get a venti skinny caramel latte. It's nice to have something with milk (calories + protein) to sip, especially since sometimes I don't have any dinner break at all. On those days I'll bring a Naked Protein drink which has about 400 calories in the bottle, but yesterday I had 20 minutes for dinner so I grabbed a 6 inch Subway ham on wheat with Pepperjack cheese. Sorry, no picture though.

And a quick snack.

Yesterday night I went out with my boyfriend (3+ months and he's still wonderful, sweet, and amazing!) and I gt a Hoegaarden beer plus 5 chicken bites (sort of like chicken nuggets, but way better) and some pitas to dip in hummus and guacamole. It was a lot of food for how late it was, but it was delicious! No pictures, because I haven't told him about the blog.

Anyway, the point is that I am reminded again at how good our bodies are at taking care of us. This morning I made 2 Boca sausage links and a bowl of (completely plain-gasp!) oatmeal. I only used about 1/3 cup of oats and I couldn't finish it. So I didn't, because my body told me I was full. To be honest, satiety is still a relatively new concept for me. In my ED/DE years I just never got full which led to binging and then either feeling guilty or trying to purge (and feeling guilty again). Only recently (after I gained enough body fat and was eating enough ALL THE TIME) did I ever start to experience the feeling of fullness.

I only have these two pictures for you because my roommate came out to the kitchen and I couldn't get any more.

And lastly, during some of my travels, I got the chance to stop at this memorial of Flight 93. It crashed in Western Pennsylvania and they have a beautiful and seemingly sacred memorial on that ground. There is something incredibly chilling to know that the passengers on the plane KNEW they weren't going to survive, so they worked together to force the plane to crash into the ground there, instead of letting it make it to its destination of Washington D. C., which is where the terrorists were aiming for it to go.

In memory of each person who died.

They had a large wall to leave stuff in memory. None of it ever gets thrown away, and is instead removed when it reaches capacity and starts to get too old.


Happy hump day! I'm off to practice!

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  1. Good luck practicing! I went to my first opera at OSU this year (shameful, I know), and I LOVED it. :-)


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